Keeping Things Natural

I believe in trying to use and eat as many natural home grown, handmade items that I can. I prefer to know where my food and products are coming from. I also like to be able to read and know what everything on my ingredients list is. 

My latest adventure is with soap making. I found that this is a very fun craft and I love doing it. The added benefits are the soaps I have been making are wonderful on my skin and help keep my very dry skin manageable. 

During my research I learned that many manufactures strip out the naturally occurring glycerin in soap (it is profitable on its own) and many soaps are detergents and chemicals instead of pure soap. With Anabubbles handmade soap you are getting all the natural occurring glycerin and also do not have to worry about any harsh chemicals being added to your soap.

I hope you enjoy these products. Please contact me for any questions, comments or special orders. I would love to work with you to bring you the perfect bar of soap to fit your needs!